Stirista Offers Web Data Service That Could Fuel Email Campaigns

Stirista has launched Visitor ID Graph, a platform that provides access to data on website visitors, fueling email campaigns and other forms of marketing, the digital agency announced on Tuesday.

The objective is to use visitor data to “create a digital experience which fosters loyalty and ultimately sales,” states Ajay Gupta, CEO of Stirista.

Gupta adds: “As companies continue to search for new ways to increase brand loyalty while competing with the likes of Walmart and Amazon, they should look inward toward their site visitors.”

Visitor ID Graph relies on Stirista’s database of over 250 data points, including income, name, credit ranges and personal interests, the company says.

The service utilizes IP, cookie, and device information data matched against Stirista’s consumer file to de-anonymize website visitors. Among the data points are the user’s email, name, postal information, and the web pages they visited.

In addition, Visitor ID Graph allow users to buy segmented lists of website visitors. Businesses can use them to conduct omnichannel customer retention campaigns via permission-based email, social media platforms, display ads and direct mail, the company says.





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