Digital License Plate Maker Adds Charity To Display At CES

Digital license plate maker Reviver Auto has partnered to create a Susan G. Komen-branded license plate to help support the organization’s fund raising for ending breast cancer.

As part of the arrangement, specific Rplates will be sold in California with the Susan G. Komen of Los Angeles branding and messaging, with a portion of each sale going to the organization.

The digital license plate is a high-definition display that goes in place of the traditional car license plate and is continually connected. The connected license plate platform ultimately is expected to allow registration renewals and display messages such as a child’s academic achievements or eventually even messaging from marketers.

The Rplate launched a pilot program in California last year and is expected to be live in Arizona next month, CEO Neville Boston told the AI & IoT Daily at CES, where the partnership was announced.

The use of digital license plates has been approved in Arizona and legislation has been passed in Texas and Florida, Boston said.



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