Xfinity Mobile Puts A Running Meter On Your Data

The Challenge

The wireless category is full of established brands that are extremely outspoken. As a new entrant into the competitive category, Xfinity Mobile needed to differentiate itself and show customers why it was worth it to switch. It knew that people could save hundreds of dollars a year by joining up, but it had to find the right way to tell them. 

Wireless data plans are typically really expensive, but on Xfinity Mobile, they’re much less. The problem is that people are so desensitized to the high costs that they never think about it. The brand had to break through the complacency and speak to people in terms they could understand. 

The Execution

The idea was simple: Show people how much it costs to do everyday activities on their phones by turning pre-roll ads into price tags. So before a basketball highlight video on You Tube, for example, Xfinity Mobile ran a six-second, basketball-themed ad displaying the real dollars-and-cents cost to stream the video. 

It did the same for makeup tutorials (as above), game reviews, movie trailers, gadget-unboxing videos, music videos and so on. And it ran the videos only on mobile, when people were more likely to be using their 4G data. It did the same thing on Snapchat, with Snap Ads that looked like real users’ reactions to seeing how much it cost to view Snapchats. 

The Results

The campaign on YouTube drove a 113% lift in brand interest.

It got a 10% lift in brand awareness. 

It drove over 425K swipes to the Xfinity Mobile website.

It came in at a 41% lower cost than previous campaigns.

Key Takeaways

Use simple math to make your point about cost.

Use your own media platform to showcase your USP. 

This was a finalist in the Creative category in MediaPost’s 2018 Creative Media Awards.

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