AI-Powered SendtoNews Signs Multiyear Deal With Nascar Digital Media

Just ahead of last week's Daytona 500, Nascar Digital Media signed a multiyear deal with AI-powered sports content and monetization service SendtoNews (STN), giving Nascar access to STN’s user network of 1,600 publishers and its Smart Match video platform.

As part of the new partnership, STN will host a library for its publishers comprised of Nascar race highlights, in-car footage, driver interview and other footage from the Nascar Cup Series, XFinity Series and Truck Series, delivering millions of additional unique views to Nascar’s content.

STN adds that the new partnership also allows it to expand its platform to new publishing partners that focus on Nascar and motorsport-related news and have not previously had access to this video content.

Judging by the latest Comscore report, STN reports its platform provides a 99% unduplicated audience when compared to Nascar’s owned-and-operated properties. They allow the brand to reach new audiences without duplicating efforts across its own.

Brands benefit from partnerships with STN through its built-in monetization services with a digital video ad revenue share or by using STN’s platform to provide advertisers and sponsors with additional audience numbers. All monetization possibilities are offered within STN’s three-sided platform providing a combination of innovative technology, premium sports content and monetization services.

STN’s AI-powered Smart Match video player adds to its value for partnered brands, which can tap into 300 to 5,000 videos a day from partners like the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour and 70 other league and sports content creators. The Smart Match video system allows publishers to use one code across their site, which enables the AI-powered system to match videos to content, based on keywords like names, dates, locations and events.

According to STN, the New York Daily News saw an increase of 33% in sports page views and a 36% increase in sports page unique viewers when it adopted the platform. Users time on page increased by 44%.

STN also allows for sponsorship opportunities across all its video content providers, including Nascar.

For example, as part of Nascar’s newly added content, STN could run a campaign for Pennzoil that appears on Joey Logano related videos from the Daytona 500 exclusively.

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