European Business Email List Offered For Rental

At a time when data use of all types is under scrutiny in Europe, InfoDepots is offering a European business list containing 115 million opt-in email addresses. 

The reaches key decision makers in what the firm says is the largest economy on earth.  

The announcement does not list selects, basic pricing or other pieces of information typically contained in a traditional list promotion. 

However, the company, which is based in New York, specifies contact information, including email addresses and telephone numbers, on its website. 

In addition, InfoDepots says its lists can be customized by company size, geographic location, job titles/functions, technology tracking, assets size and revenue size.  

Industry verticals include cloud computing, healthcare, insurance, construction, architecture, life science, banking & finance, oil and gas, biotechnology and other types of businesses.

The company also has email addresses of several B2B tech brands, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, containing 101,800 email addresses and a total postal universe of 107,974 contacts.



Summarily, it offers 68,786 IBM Informix email addresses, out of a total universe of 91,750 names.

Counts for these lists are available by country, U.S. region, industry, revenue and number of employees.

The firm says its lists are regularly updated and cleansed, and claims that they have a deliverability rate.   


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