Wix, Captain Marvel Team Up On Turbo Campaign

Marvel Studios’ first female-led superhero, Captain Marvel, emerged Monday not only to save the universe, but possibly Wix’s 147 million users worldwide. The superhero appears in Wix's latest online campaign for Wix Turbo, aimed at "supercharging" the speed of websites.  

Omer Shai, CMO at Wix, said her characteristics — strength, speed, endurance and stamina — are found in updates of the latest Wix Turbo platform.

“We like the strong female character,” he said. “The character goes with our brand’s message about strong entrepreneurs.”

This is the first time the Wix and Marvel Studios have worked together.

“Captain Marvel is unique,” he said. "She’s bad. She’s quick."

The movie, "Captain Marvel," is scheduled to hit theaters on March 8, with Brie Larson as the hero.

Wix’s internal creative team built the video ad in-house by working with the Marvel creative team. The ad will run on desktop and mobile devices across Facebook, YouTube, and other sites.

Shai declined to discuss the campaign budget and the licensing agreement with Marvel Studios, but said Wix marketers will split the budget based on the metrics being measured and the “basic plan and will adjust according to the results.”

The spot comes in several lengths. The narrator in the 60-second video spot says the changes to the platform are turbo fast like Captain Marvel — the fastest, the strongest and the most powerful. “Wix Turbo is so mind blowing you’ll think it’s developed by engineers from the future,” says the narrator. “But it’s not. It’s here, now. So, stop blaming slow internet for your sluggish site.”

Wix developers built technology that optimizes browser rendering time without compromising functions or user experience. The product enhancements, which help images and video load and run faster, aim to change the way Wix websites perform and increase load times.

This translates to higher publisher revenue and better advertiser return on investment, Shai said. “If you’re in cities like New York, a lot of our sites will load in about a second or second in a half,” he said.

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