Firm Combines Email Services With Social Media And Digital Ad Buying

DigDev has devised a service to help brands place social media and display ads using its email data.

Clients can upload data from DigDev Direct to social media sites, applying the same matching profiles they use for targeting email campaigns, the company says.

They can also use the email data when buying programmatic advertising, eliminating wasteful ad circulation and reaching consumers who are most likely to buy, it claims.

DigDev offers over 280 million opt-in records, with selects including age, geo, gender, marital status, political affiliation, number of children, home ownership or rental, income and job title.

The company advises brands offering a promotional sale to send an email campaign using its DigDev Direct platform to introduce the brand to the consumer. They can then place ads on Facebook, Instagram and other sites, deploy the email data, and follow up with another email to reinforce the recipient’s interest in the promotion.  

DigDev says consumers give all three platforms their undivided attention.

The Deerfield Beach, Florida firm describes itself as a multichannel infomediary. Its platform facilitates customer acquisition and retention via email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, mobile and data appending, it says.

DigDev Direct has been in existence for around 10 years.


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