NeverBounce, Email Verification Firm, Acquired By DiscoverOrg

B2B service firm DiscoverOrg has acquired NeverBounce, the provider of email verification and list-cleaning services, the firm announced on Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed.

The NeverBounce technology will be used for cleaning and verifying email addresses contained in the DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo platforms, the firm says.

In addition, NeverBounce capabilities will be built into DiscoverOrg’s products, including its data enrichment service Enrich, over the next year. NeverBounce products will continue to be sold on a stand-alone basis, and will be available to DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo customers at a discounted rate, the firm says.

NeverBounce deploys a verification process that it says checks each emails up to 75 times.

DiscoverOrg notes that the average B2B database decays at a rate of 3% per month.

“While finding net new buyers is always going to be vital to sales and marketing efforts, it has become equally as important to manage, update and cleanse existing data that is going stale sitting in CRM and marketing automation systems,” states Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO.

Last fall, NeverBounce announced that HubSpot clients will have access to its email services. NeverBounce added that it would be part of HubSpot’s ecosystem of third-party integrations.

NeverBounce serves over 100,000 customers.


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