Gillette Strikes Global Marketing Deal With Twitch

The grooming and razor brand Gillette has struck a global marketing agreement with the Amazon-owned streaming video service Twitch, creating what the companies are calling the “Gillette Gaming Alliance.”

Twitch, of course, is best known for its live streams featuring video game players, as well as gaming and Esports-related content.

The Alliance will be comprised of 11 Twitch streamers from 11 countries active on the platform. Those gamers will represent the Gillette brand, and create related content for their viewers.

Gillette will also be creating a fan experience for TwitchCon Europe, to be held in Berlin next month. The experience will include a meet and greet with top streamers and Alliance members.

The Gaming Alliance streamers will be participating in what the company is calling "Bits for Blades.” If a Twitch viewer clicks a Gillette banner or link through the channel of one of their favorite Alliance streamers and buys a product, they can receive “Twitch Bits” as a reward. 



Twitch Bits are a virtual currency that users can send to their favorite streamers to provide financial support in the platform’s chat section. 

While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, it marks a significant investment in the Esports space by Gillette.

The Proctor & Gamble-owned brand first entered the esports arena in 2017 through a sponsorship deal with ESL. Then company would go on to strike partnerships with esports teams in the U.S., and tournaments around the world, such as in Brazil.

Gillette has made similar deals over the past year or so, but the sponsorship through Twitch is the most wide-ranging to date.

Twitch, with its global presence, can cast a wide net for the grooming brand, which is available all around the world.

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