Samsung, Revieve Launch Mobile Selfie Skin Analysis

Samsung is partnering with Revieve, a beauty-technology company in Finland, to launch a selfie-based skin analysis with personalized skincare recommendations.

The skin analysis tool will first launch on Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S10 in the U.S. and Korea, according to Revieve.

Consumers with the mobile device will be able to receive an individualized skin analysis by talking a selfie with Bixby Vision, Samsung’s intelligence platform. The skin analysis is powered by Revieve’s selfie skin technology.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Samsung in bringing a market-leading selfie skin-analysis and personalized recommendations to Samsung-customers,” stated Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen. “Samsung has clearly positioned itself as a front-runner in offering consumers with personalized services directly on the mobile phone.

The Bixby Vision virtual assistant is built into the phone camera and includes object recognition technology.

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