Kaltura Debuts Email Marketing Video Tool

Kaltura, a video technology company, is launching a video messaging service that it says will make email communications more effective. 

The new edition of the firm’s Kaltura Pitch will allow users to create and share personalized video messages through their desktops or phones, Kaltura says.

It will also provide them with engagement alerts and analytics reports, while enabling brands to break through email clutter, it claims.  In addition, Kaltura Pitch enables marketing to millennials and Gen Z, it continues.

The company contends that emails are no longer an effective communications tool, largely because people are tired of text-heavy messages. In addition, certain software tools only confirm email open rates, Kaltura adds.

“When I send an email, I can tell whether it was opened, but I cannot really know how much of it has been read,” states Michal Tsur, co-founder, president and general manager enterprise & learning at Kaltura. “Video messaging allows me to know exactly how much has been watched and by whom.”

He adds that video messaging is “an additional layer of communication, in addition to webcasting, podcasting, video calls, and video-on-demand.”

Kaltura Pitch allows marketers to curate content libraries that can be attached as playlists to video messages and trace viewership of main video messages and attachments.

Kaltura serves enterprises and educational institutions such as Philips, SAP, ADP, Novartis, Purdue University, and Stanford.



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