Email Platform Sendwithus Rebrands Itself As Dyspatch

Sendwithus, provider of an email content platform called Dyspatch, has rebranded itself by that name, the company announced on Tuesday.

“Our rebrand ensures that we accurately reflect our broader enterprise focus and the opportunity to expand our business further,” states Matt Harris, co-founder and CEO, Dyspatch.

The company was founded in 2013 as an email template management platform, initially serving small clients.

Sendwithus unveiled Dyspatch, a cloud-based email management platform designed for enterprise organizations, a year ago.

The product helps large firms send transactional communications, and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the company says. It includes an API, visual editor and device testing capability. 

What distinguishes Dyspatch from other email services is that it focuses on transactions.

“The major enterprise offerings like Oracle Cloud and Salesforce are designed for promotional and marketing email,” Harris said at the time. “Dyspatch is designed for transactional emails — the welcomes, times-up, payment receipts.”



Dyspatch enables enterprise firms to create transactional email experiences on a mass scale, the company says. The tool features a visual editor and a standardized email workflow, and is designed to serve multiple teams and departments, it adds.  

The company now serves such clients as Microsoft, Autodesk, and Zillow.

The firm feels that the name Dyspatch “accurately captures our value proposition,” states Megan Tobin, vice president of marketing for Dyspatch. The name communicates “speed and efficiency,” she adds.



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