Nebraska Gets Brutally Candid About Its Tourism Prospects

New York City? Los Angeles? Chicago? Those are easy places to entice travelers. Nebraska, on the other hand, realizes the state is a tough sell, which is why it's launching a brutally candid tagline:  “Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone." 

The creative, developed with Vladimir Jones, sets low expectations by admitting to flat lands and noting that calling itself "plains" may have been unwise -- before showing clips of amazing landscapes and challenging visitors to get to know the "odd kid." 

Sample the work here and here

This candor, surprisingly, impressed Nebraska tourism and hospitality industry officials after seeing the initial work at the state tourism commission’s annual conference last October.

The previous message — which debuted 2014 — was “Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice." 

“Tourism is an important economic engine for Nebraska in any year, and especially now that much of the state is recovering from historic flooding,” said Meredith Vaughan, CEO of Vladimir Jones.

The multimedia campaign runs across seven metro areas in six states, including Colorado, Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota.



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