Klear Social Engine Adds Hashtag, Keyword, Brand To Search Capabilities

Marketing platform Klear has released new search capabilities that allow marketers to discover social influencers. The search engine now enables customers to conduct segmented topic searches by #hashtag, keyword, or brand.

Rather than using keywords like “beauty” and “activism” to do general category searches, the new search capabilities help brands connect with influencers around niche topics like #OutfitOfThe Day, #CrueltyFree, and #GunSafety, which cater to consumer interests.

The platform has expanded from 60,000 to about 1 million different topics, said Guy Avigdor, Klear COO. “The technology can analyze everything users do, what people mention in their bios, as well as what they talk about, the content shared, and who engages with it,” he said. “The technology builds that category based on online discussions.”



Klear’s ranking is topic-driven, identifying those who generate engagement around a specific topic and from other influencers in the space similar to the way Google ranks websites based have links from credible websites.

The technology also skims networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and any blog, tracking down all the content created by the influencers the brands work with. It then generates a full report and calculates a return on investment from the working relationships.

The technology calculates the estimated value by adding the average CPM for reach and CPE for engagement. Then the platform multiples the total by 13, as earned content is deemed more valuable than paid media.

There are 700,000 influencers signed up on the platform in which all can be messaged directly.

There’s also a category called “vetted,” about 10,000, where there’s a previous business relationship and the influencer provided additional information. The platform provides information on how much the influencer charges for an article or blog or other types of content.

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