Blockchain-Based Brave Launches Digital Advertising Model For Desktop

With Brave’s release of its latest desktop browser, users can opt into Brave Rewards and view privacy-preserving Brave Ads.

Brave, a privacy browser and blockchain-based digital advertising platform, gives users 70% of ad revenue in exchange for viewing promotions from brands like Vice, Home Chef, Ternio BlockCard, MyCrypto and eToro, all part of the launch. BuySellAds, TAP Network, AirSwap, Fluidity and Upholdalso advertise on the platform and were part of an early access program.

Currently, Brave is building its Brave Ads catalog inventory by working with several ad networks. The catalogs are limited to one per region and are pushed to a user’s device.

The Giving Block is also working with Brave to provide ad inventory and test cases for partner charities and nonprofits. 



Brave claims to guarantee brands their ads are being delivered to users who welcome advertising. 

Brendan Eich, CEO-cofounder of Brave Software, stated: “Brave Ads also aim to improve the economics and conversion of the online advertising industry, so that publishers and advertisers can thrive without the intermediaries that collect huge fees and contribute to web-wide surveillance.”

Users can choose to auto-contribute their ad share to publishers under a default setting.

Lin Dai, CEO of TAP Network, which powers Brave Rewards redemption with over 250,000 partner merchants and brands, stated: “Brave is changing the paradigm of digital advertising where consumers are fairly rewarded for their attention.”

Brave announced its partnership with TAP Network earlier this year, introducing a rewards platform that connects consumers with over 250,000 brands.

The Human Rights Foundation, featured in the new launch, will be part of a messaging campaign encouraging users to tip the organization through the Brave Rewards program.

Brave Ads will also promote content, like a campaign for the Twitch exclusive science-fiction series “Artificial.”

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