Sports Bra Brand Boosts Click Rate With User-Generated Content

SheFit, a sports bra marketer, is deploying user-generated content in email thanks to an upgraded integration between Yotpo and Klaviyo designed to serve direct-to-consumer brands.  

Yotpo and Klaviyo announced the arrangement on Wednesday. But some clients had already tested it -- including SheFit, a Shark Tank company.

The combined service allowed SheFit to incorporate its user-generated content (UGC) into email campaigns in a “quick and easy way,” states Luke Butler, director of marketing for SheFit.

Butler adds, “UGC is crucial for building customer trust, loyalty, and interest, and since implementing reviews into our emails this is evident, as our CTR has increased by 5.8%."

Hello Molly, an Australian fashion brand, has also tried the combined service.

The firm is now able to “engage customers at a moment of high satisfaction after leaving a positive review,” states Guangyong Chuang, digital strategy & growth lead for Hello Molly. “We capitalize on this by triggering automated emails thanking them and encouraging them to share our brand with their friends.” 



Klaviyo and Yotpo had an existing loyalty program integration. The enhancement allows brands to deploy user-generated content.

Building on Klaviyo and Yotpo's existing loyalty program integration, the enhancement allows brands to leverage UGC and data to convert email subscribers into buyers, the firms claim. 

Klaviyo provides a data and marketing platform that relies on transactional and behavioral information to drive email and advertising campaigns.

Yotpo offers commerce marketing tools that help brands drive advocacy through UGC.


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