Many 4KTV Owners Don't Use Advanced Content Features

Although technology advancements and consumer functions for TV sets keep improving, many consumers don’t use many of those capabilities -- especially with 4KTV sets.

Only 55% of those with a 4KTV set have ever used those big-screen consumer products to watch 4K content, according to a Hub Entertainment Research report. The research says 47% of all U.S. TV homes have a 4KTV set.

Analysts note while many distribution platforms have 4K content capabilities -- including Netflix, DirecTV, iTunes, YouTube, Comcast Xfinity, set-top-box platforms, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and others -- 4K TV content is still fairly limited. That said, consumers can get 4K Ultra Blu-ray discs of movie/TV content.

Hub states: “With 4K TV sets, we see the classic case of capability leading content, similar to what was seen with high definition and 3D sets.”



Technology adoption is a bit better when it comes to smart TVs -- those sets that can connect to the internet.

While nearly 70% of U.S. TV homes have a smart TV, around 14% haven’t connected those TV sets to their broadband connections. Nearly 80% of those with a smart TV set have streamed TV content on connected TV platforms.

Although many smart TV sets have built-in programming software/platform technology, Hub says more than half (54%) of smart TV owners also have a streaming media device, like a Roku or Amazon Fire.

The Hub Entertainment Research survey came from 5,131 U.S. consumers -- weighted to U.S. census data that includes age, gender, ethnicity, income and household size -- in April 2019.

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