67% Pick Stores Based on Mobile Coupons

Despite all the new technology that continually hits the market, consumers are still looking for a deal when they shop.

The technology has made the deals much more portable.

Thanks to mobile, the shopping experience has been transformed from a serial process, as in when a consumer leaves home to go to the store to shop, to an iterative process, as in a smartphone-equipped consumer is shopping all the time.

About a third (34%) of shoppers use their phone to compare prices while in a store and nearly as many (28%) use their phones to look for offers, according to a recent BRP shopping study.

The pattern is not likely to change, with 41% of consumers planning to increase their shopping frequency on their phone or tablet within the next two years.

Despite all the new technology changing the shopping experience to an anytime-anywhere event, consumers want value.

For example, the majority (67%) of consumers say they are likely to shop with a retailer that offers mobile coupons instead of one that does not.

Everybody wants a deal, and now those deals need to be portable.

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