Apple Developer Sign-In Button Instructions Raising Eyebrows

Apple wants developers to use a new “Sign in with Apple” button and place it above others.

Reuters initially spotted the update to Apple’s developer guidelines, which also recommends that developers make the button the same size or larger than other sign-in buttons and position it “correctly in relation to other buttons.” It falls just short of mentioning rivals such as Google and Facebook. 

Similar to results from a search query, people typically choose to sign in to apps using their accounts from Google or Facebook because this appears at the top and saves them time.

Apple’s login button, introduced on Monday, focuses on user privacy. It introduces a feature that “generates an email address to avoid revealing the person’s true email,” Reuters explains.



While it may promote privacy, when a consumer signs in with the Apple ID they already have to avoid filling out forms and verifying email addresses, it gives Apple insight into the types of apps the person uses.

The consumer may not be giving the data to Facebook or Google, but they are certainly giving it to Apple, which states that it won't track information about the app activity and then use that info for ad targeting.

The guidelines are not a requirement to pass the App Store review, but developers believe they are similar to Google’s guidelines and that following them helps to gain approval.

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