Microsoft Cautions Users: Don't Bypass Office 365 Spam Filters

Microsoft has advised users not to bypass Microsoft Office 365 spam filters, and to avoid enabling Allow or Block lists, Bleeping Computer reports.

"If you have to set bypassing, you should do this carefully because Microsoft will honor your configuration request and potentially let harmful messages pass through," a support document says. 

At the same time, the company warns against toggling on Safe and Blocked senders for Outlook, as these features “may override the verdict that is set by Office 365 spam filters," the report continues.

Instead, the company urges Office 365 users to use the Microsoft Junk Email Reporting Add-in to report unwanted email messages, and says Outlook account holders should utilize the Report Message add-in.

According to Bleeping Computer, Microsoft also advises Office 365 users to: 

  • Never put domains that you own onto the Allow and Block lists.
  • Never put common domains, such as and, onto the Allow and Block lists.
  • Not keep domains on the lists permanently unless you disagree with the verdict of Microsoft.



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