App Allows Consumers To Manage Incoming Brand Emails

In another potential challenge for email marketers, a mobile app has been launched to help consumers manage their messages from brands.

AdKaddy allows consumers to remove marketing emails from their inbox and engage with them when they choose.  

The app, having gone through beta, is available — for now — through the iTunes App Store and Google Play marketplace.

The app organizes brand emails, including marketing messages, sales receipts and shipping confirmations, in a stand-alone platform, the company says.

In addition, users can create an email address for receiving newsletters, coupons and other communications.

However, the intention apparently is not to help shoppers avoid marketing emails.

“The truth is, we want to receive many of those messages –- we don't want to miss a sale, product drop, etc. -- but we want to review them when it’s convenient to us and we don’t want them cluttering our email inboxes,” states co-founder Brian Davis.

Founded in 2018, AdKaddy claims to have managed emails from over 2,000 brands.


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