Ask Me Something Personal: Retail Shoppers Want Individual Experiences

How’s your email personalization engine? Is it up to providing individual messaging? 

It better be, judging by "Shoppers Demand Superior Ecommerce Experiences," a study by Avionos.

Of the consumers polled for this report, 78% are more likely to buy with a company that personalizes their experiences. That means on websites and everywhere else.

And it means providing personalized discounts and offers for the products they are browsing (desired by 48%) and individual size recommendations (29%). 

Consumers say personalization: 

  • Helps them find products they may not have otherwise purchased — 54% 
  • Makes their shopping experiences better — 51%
  • Helps them make final purchasing decisions — 44% 
  • Make them trust brands/retailers more — 32%
  • Makes their shopping experiences more exciting — 32% 

And they are willing to trade data for these benefits — 63% will share personal info so brands can anticipate those needs. But it depends on their age. 



Of the millennials polled, 75% are willing to provide personal details, compared with 69% of Gen Z respondents, 63% of Gen X and 54% of baby boomers. 

But there are risks — 73% will dump a retailer after a single negative experience of any kind. And 55% are unlikely to purchase within a critical time frame after one bad encounter.

On the positive side, 97% likely to make a repeat purchase after a positive experience, and 93% will suggest the retailer to friends.

What’s more,  92% are inclined to purchase in-store after a positive experience online. Overall, 71% want to see a strong presence both online and in stores. And 65% of online shoppers expect brands to translate information to brick-and-mortar stores.

Brands can turn this to their advantage with “proactive outreach through targeted social and email to bring potential online shoppers directly to your retail store,” the study says.

Shoppers also expect technology. For example, 64% demand brand/retailer apps. And they want omnichannel service — 87% will shop in stores with brands that previously operated only online.

Want to provide a positive retail experience? Shoppers want:

  • Fast shipping speed — 62% 
  • Easy delivery process — 54% 
  • Ample information about products — 53%
  • Easy/reasonable return policy — 50% 
  • Easy purchasing process on desktop — 46% 
  • Easy purchasing process on mobile — 40% 
  • Quick responses from customer service reps — 38% 
  • Ability to buy products online and pick them up in a store — 31%
  • Products tailored to them based on their personal information — 19%
  • Experiences tailored to them based on their personal information — 17%
  • Use of new technologies to enhance experiences (e.g., VR, AR,AI, etc.)

Avionos surveyed 1,500 U.S. consumers who have shopped online. 

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