TalkTalk Email Outage Continues Into The Evening While Firm Works On Fix

An email service outage at broadband provider TalkTalk has continued late into the afternoon in the UK, although the company is working on restoring service.  

The problem began at 12:21 p.m. UK time, and appeared to spike later. 

In an evening post on Downdetector, one user writes: “I can send but have not received an email since 9 this morning. Not happy Talk Talk, sort it out.” 

Of the hundreds of complaints coming into Downdetector, 80% are over an inability to access email.

TalkTalk acknowledges the outage, saying: "Due to a network fault with one of our service providers, customers are unable to access their emails either through webmail or using an email client such as the mail app on the mobile device or outlook on your PC." 

At 4:50 p.m., the company added: "We're continuing to work with our service provider and their engineers who are making good progress towards restoring the service.” 



Reports came in from London, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow and other cities. Another user writes: “I NEED to read my emails for work! Thanks talktalk yet again let down......... when will this be sorted?

This is the second outage for the company in just a few months. In April, TalkTalk experienced another email outage in the UK.

At that time, 47% of the complaints to Downdetector were related to the internet, 43% to email and 9% to lack of network reception.

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