Phrasee Adds Global Email Performance Dashboard

Phrasee, a firm that helps firms with their marketing language, has launched a dashboard to help marketers determine how their global email campaigns are performing.

The new dashboard displays uplift and revenue forecasting, and identifies instances where incorrect testing methodology is being used, the company says. 

The objective is to provide brands with “with more insight into how language testing within their email marketing campaigns" can significantly drive up revenue, states Parry Malm, CEO and co-founder, of Phrasee.

Malm adds that “too many businesses are unaware of the hidden cost of bad email subject lines. The right subject line has the power to drive incremental uplift in open rates, which can often lead to millions in additional revenue over a financial year.”

The firm plans to offer exportable performance reporting, inbox notifications on project performance and subject lines for trigger and lifecycle campaigns, over the next few months.

Phrasee works with such brands as Domino’s, Groupon, Gumtree and Virgin Atlantic.  

Liam Savage, CRM executive at Virgin Holidays, says being able to access key information on performance and revenue in one central place helps to develop accurate forecasts.

Phrasee says its subject lines have adorned emails going to 300 million email individuals worldwide.




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