Consumers Rate Top 10 Brands In Tech Innovation

What company used technology best this year? It’s language learning platform Duolingo, according to the 2019 "Most Innovative Tech Brands" survey conducted by Brand Keys, Inc.

This is based largely on consumers' emotional connection to a brand. But customer service, technology and public spirit also figure into it.

“The consumer view of innovation has transformed over the past five years to reveal a real and perceived half-life. Emotionally and intuitively, consumers’ views of brand innovation have become increasingly personal,” states Robert Passikoff, president and founder of Brand Keys.

"Quite literally, it’s become a 'What have you done for me lately?' paradigm." 

That said, here is the top ten list: 

  1. Duolingo 
  2. Intuit 
  3. Oatly 
  4. Patagonia 
  5. Peloton 
  7. Sephora 
  8. Shopify 
  9. Square 
  10. Truepic 
  11. Unmade 



Why does Duolingo rate the top spot?  “In a multicultural world, it offers 30 language-learning programs,” Passikoff says. 

As for the other brands on the list, “Patagonia figured out new ways for consumers to save money and save the planet. Oatly turns oats into “milk” and food, providing maximum nutrition with minimal environmental impact,” Passikoff adds. 

Passikoff continues: “Peloton transformed fitness training, and Truepic has sought to restore trust levels in visual media. When you strip it down to rational attributes, it comes as no surprise that these brands lead the innovation list,” said Passikoff. 

Brand Keys surveyed 5,127 consumers.



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