Ad Execs: Work As Hard During Summer, More From Home And On Vacation

Ad execs -- especially marketers vs. agencies -- feel they work as hard as the rest of the year during the summer months, according to findings of a survey of industry executives conducted by Advertiser Perceptions in May.

As we were entering the dog days, Research Intelligencer conducted a parallel study of American consumers to see how perceptions of their summertime work patterns differ from advertising pros.

By and large, American consumers perceive that they work about the same during the summer as they do during the rest of the year, while ad execs generally believe they work fewer hours in the office, and more often from home, out-of-office and while on vacation.

Companion studies fielded by Advertiser Perceptions and Research Intelligencer also found marked differences in terms of the "leisure activities" ad execs and consumers engaged in over the past two months.



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