Gmail For iOS Allows Users To Block Tracking: Report

IOS users can more easily stop unwanted email tracking, thanks to a new setting in Google’s Gmail app.

The setting, already available on Gmail for the web, prevents Gmail from automatically loading attached images, along with email trackers located within messages, according to an analysis by The Verge.

The setting was offered for iOS devices for personal email, but not yet for G Suite, starting on Tuesday. It reportedly will soon be provided to G Suite users. 

The marketing impact is not yet clear, but at the least it will prevent this form of tracking. 

The hidden email trackers will inform senders of when and where the message was opened, The Verge says. 

According to an App Store listing, Gmail-Email by Google allows users to “choose to be asked before external images are displayed automatically.” 



To enable this for new incoming messages, it advises users to “go to Settings > specific account > Images and select Ask before displaying external images.” 

The Verge writes that “Google has built protections against non-consensual tracking into Gmail, by disabling an email sender’s ability to precisely locate a recipient via an IP address.”

According to Google, the app also lets users:

  • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes 
  • Switch between multiple accounts 
  • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options 
  • Search your mail with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions 
  • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox
  • Read your mail with threaded conversations
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
  • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
  • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
  • Send and receive attachments
  • See profile pictures as part of the conversation.


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