Ushur Debuts Customer Email Triage System

Ushur, the provider of a workflow automation platform, has unveiled a system for automating incoming customer emails and attachments. 

The new service, SmartMail, can route email, auto respond and extract critical information from within an email, relieving staff from the chore of manually reviewing bulk email messages, the company claims.  

The goal is to help firms “divert capital expenditure to higher value work that their teams can focus on rather than manually triaging incoming email,” states Simha Sadasiva, co-founder and CEO of Ushur Inc.

The company cites estimates showing that firms spend $3.28 to triage and route a single customer email.

According to Ushur, SmartMail offers these new features:

- Email Triage routes incoming emails to the right department based on scanning of the subject line, message and attachments.

- Auto Respond email response to customers based on repetitive cases, including engagement when the sender has left out critical information.



- Data Extraction pulls relevant information from attachment to populate forms such as claim filings and mortgage applications.

- Backend Systems Integration allows users to integrate SmartMail with their CRM systems and extract data from emails loaded into those systems.   

SmartMail relies on Intelligent Data Extraction and Cognitive Classification, the company says. These are based on deep learning, machine learning and natural-language processing technologies, it adds.




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