Agari Adds Email Phishing Defense Tools

Agari has added several new features to its Secure Email Cloud, including protection against zero-day voicemail-based email attacks.

The enhancements are part of the security company’s Fall ’19 Release. They also include prevention of insider impersonation via compromise accounts.

In addition, Agari is offering extended phishing incident response that it claims will automatically alert and trigger response through existing ticketing, SIEM and SOAR systems.

The goal is to protect email inboxes. In addition, the firm seeks to provide “anti-phishing solutions that protect our customers from the ever-changing tactics of bad actors," states Agari CMO Armen Najarian.

The voice-defense service uses machine-learning models to protect against cyber felons.  

The insider impersonation tool prevents the hijacking of employee inboxes and gather insights from past communications.

The company points to findings by Osterman Research that say 33% of organizations have been harmed by account takeover threats during the past 12 months. 

Together, the new features improve “orchestration and remediation, helping customers reduce the time to remove phishing emails from the inbox," Najarian adds.




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