MediaMath Launches Source Platform With Ad Tech Leaders, Publishers

Digital media technology company MediaMath is teaming up with ad tech, data suppliers and publishers to create a new platform, dubbed Source.

Source is being designed to deliver a transparent and accountable supply chain to digital media and advertisers by the end of 2020.

Sources counts Rubicon Project as its anchor ecosystem partner, alongside fellow partners Telaria, Acoustic, Akamia, Business Insider, Crackle Plus, Havas Media, IBM Watson, Inscape/Vizio, IRIS.TV, News Corp, Octopus Interaction, Oracle Data Cloud, Publishers Clearing House and White Ops.

“To work for demand, you need media accountability and stronger audience addressability with a better understanding of consumers. Getting media and identity right, and together, creates stronger return on investment — less waste, better relevance — and lowers the level of effort to attain those results,” Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath CEO-founder, said in a blog post.



“To date, the industry hasn’t been able to make this happen — to create an accountable, addressable, transparent supply chain that is more aligned to brands’ and content creators’ interests — because we haven’t mobilized an ecosystem to make it happen.”

Some of the ways Source plans to accomplish this goal is via real impressions on real media properties. It would connect brands with users through a trustworthy network and employ AI to produce cleaner data to draw meaningful insights and detect real trends from huge data sets, the company stated.

Source anticipates delivering its promise of a fraud-free ecosystem through efforts made in tandem with its partners. For example, Telaria brings its video data capabilities to the platform, allowing brands and advertisers to target relevant audiences in meaningful ways through digital video efforts.

Christopher Guenther, senior vice president, global head of programmatic, News Corp, stated of the new partnership and mission: “At the end of the day, transparency in data, transparency in inventory, and transparency in the feedback loop is what is going to push the industry forward and ensure our partners get the most out of their spend.”
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