Gmail Is Top Webmail Service -- Except In Some Countries, Study Finds

Gmail remains the top global webmail provider -- but it loses out to firms in some European markets, according to Mapp’s Global Provider Report. 

Gmail has a 50.1% share in the U.S., versus 22.6% for Verizon and 12.4% for Microsoft. The margins are similar worldwide.

Down at the bottom areComcast (2.0%), Apple (1.6%) and AT&T (1.1%).

However, homegrown ISPs are also placing on the list, and in some cases they top Gmail. 

For instance, Germany’s 1&1 Mail & Media beats Gmail with its GMX and WEB.DE services by a margin of 39.9% to 15.3%. T-Online comes in third, with 11.9%.

In Poland, the top two areWirtualna Polska (26.4%) and Gmail (25.4%). 

The lineup in France is Gmail (26.9%), Microsoft (25.9%) and Orange (17.8%).

The study proves that international companies “cannot only concentrate on a few providers but should also consider the specific circumstances of each country,” states Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp. “Those who neglect this, risk their deliverability – and thus their revenue, to a certain extent."

Gmail and Microsoft are especially influential in driving inbox trends. Mapp cites such initiatives as AMP for email, Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).  

Mapp, a cloud provider, analyzed over 170 million emails from selected customers.



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