Beltone Goes For Humor In First Work From MARC USA

Hearing Aid maker Beltone is introducing the first work from new agency MARC USA, which embraces a humorous approach to reach 30 million Americans living with hearing loss.

"It breaks through in a very crowded category where you typically just see clinical images," says Cari Bucci, President, MARC USA. "It resonates well with both people who are experiencing hearing loss and their families and caregivers.”

One spot in the campaign, called “Partner Included," likens Beltone’s customer service to getting your own pit crew when you buy a new car. Other ads compare it to getting a personal chef when you buy groceries or a personal handyman when you buy a new house. 

While the messaging doesn't result in abundant giggles, the lighter tone serves as a sharp contrast to the typical educational-driven, narrative storytelling in the hearing aid space.

Sample the work here.

Media elements include 30-second TV spots and a 60-second video for social media, print, direct mail and email. TV will run on both broadcast and cable, with print ads appearing in newspapers. The heaviest push will be in the Midwest and South.



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