Bluecore Moves Into eCommerce, Offering Uniform Messaging In Email And Online

Bluecore, provider of an email marketing platform for retailers, is moving into ecommerce with a product launch this week.

The new product, Bluecore Site, will allow brands to create a synergy between email and their websites, based on the products that shoppers engage with online, the company says.

In addition, the firm says Bluecore Site will enable brands to:

  • Capture shoppers’ email addresses without discounts. The tool autonomously determines the most relevant incentive to serve to each customer, it says
  • Create continuity between discounts in emails and online stores. This will eliminate conflicting discount promotions between emails and retail sites
  • Display the same product recommendations in emails and online experiences. These personalized suggestions will remove the annoying back-and-forth between channels, the company claims 
  • Personalize all their communications via email and the ecommerce site
  • Maintain autonomous workflow



“Every retailer has had to adopt a direct-to-consumer mindset,” states Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore.

Mohamood adds that this “goes beyond giving consumers a direct way to buy their products; it requires becoming digitally fluid -- or ensuring that all channels work together to create a completely unified experience.”

Launched in 2014, Bluecore triggers personalized emails base on user and merchandise behaviors, and claims to manage almost 500 million shopper IDs. 

Earlier this year, the firm introduced Bluecore Communicate, an AI-driven service that personalizes campaigns based on shopper behaviors.

Mohamood argues that removing the disconnect between email and websites “will have an outsized influence not only on shoppers, but on retailers’ ability to increase their customer retention and lifetime value.”



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