Endeavor Global Marketing Rebrands As 160over90

Although Endeavor Global Marketing (part of holding company Endeavor) acquired Philadelphia-based agency160over90 in early 2018, the latter is now the top dog from a branding perspective. 

After months of assessing how to reposition the combined entity, a decision has been made to rebrand the entire portfolio 160over90. 

The newly rebranded operation employs a staff of 800 providing services spanning advertising, branding, experiential, brand partnerships, PR and communications. 

The decision to assume 160ver90 moniker rather than adopt Endeavor as a linking thread was driven largely by the company’s strategy to grow the agency as an independent stand-alone creative and marketing agency. The original name conveys a blood pressure reading, in this case elevated blood pressure related to excitement and emotional responses. 

"This is what we want all our work to elicit, no matter the channel or the client," explains a company rep. "Instead of recreating the wheel, it made all the sense to work with something we had and felt great about."





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