Streaming Ads Still Plagued By Ad Quality Issues, But Content Quality Improves: Study

As consumers' time spent streaming video continues to rise, questionable advertising quality remains a major issue, according to a recent study from Conviva.

Nearly 40% of all streaming ads completely failed to play in the third quarter, with other ads plagued by delays, according to the research platform for streaming media.  For example, Conviva, says ad delays have been as high 16.1 seconds from their intended start time, with the average delay at 1.14 seconds.

In the third quarter, overall consumer time spent streaming has increased 53% year-over-year.

While advertising problems remain, greater inroads have been made on content quality -- with 33% less time buffering, 10% fewer video start failures, 6% faster start times and 3% better picture quality versus the third quarter a year ago.

Connected TV platforms command a 56% share of all video streaming in the third quarter, with mobile at 22%, PCs at 13% and other devices at 9%.



Looking just a connected TV devices, Roku had a 44% share of viewing hours (and 25% of all viewing hours). Roku is up 73% year-over-year. Amazon Fire TV is next with a 20% share of connected TV -- 78% higher versus a year ago.

Apple TV and Xbox each have 9% share of the connected TV market, with PlayStation at 8%, Chromecast at 5%; others at 4%, and Samsung with 1%.

NFL content has seen a sharp rise in specific programming -- with a 77% increase in NFL streaming. On mobile devices, NFL content is up 109% and time spent is 50% higher.

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