OpenX, LiveRamp Integration Will Help Publishers Prepare For A 'Cookieless' Ecosystem

OpenX is integrating with LiveRamp in a move that it says will help publishers prepare for a digital ecosystem without cookies.   

The arrangement combines OpenX’s OpenAudience platform with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink and Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). 

ATS allows publishers to match an email address or other form of user authentication data with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink graph, a service that is not dependent on third-party cookies.

The partnership expands on an existing relationship between LiveRamp and OpenX.

The goal is to provide a "one-stop solution to publishers that future-proofs revenue from a cookieless world,"  states Todd Parsons, chief product officer at OpenX.

Parsons adds: “The future of marketing on the open web is grounded in consumer identity and permission. It is also 'cookieless,' and our industry must innovate now to eliminate the reliance on antiquated technology.”






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