Going To Boston Proper: An Email Case Study

Here’s two things you should know about the female fashion brand Boston Proper.

First, it’s based not in Boston, but in Boca Raton, Florida.

Second, the 27 year-old firm has no brick-and-mortar presence.

That doesn’t mean the lean-and-mean team there saw no need for online improvement.

The company had a limited triggered email program in place. But like many online retailers, it still sought to engage “people who had opted in but were not known or recognized, and to drive more email signups,” says Molly Bruttomesso, vice president of customer success, BounceX, which took over the email program from another provider in February. 

Prior to that, “their list growth was flat, getting as many unsubscribes as subscribes,” Bruttomesso adds. (No need for alarm -- the unsubscribe rate was a standard industry percentage). 

The program was “not just a race to the bottom,” Bruttomesso laughs, but involved “testing and bringing them in a profitable way.”



The effort also entailed encouraging customers "in different parts of the funnel to offer up email for a savings card or an offer for free shipping,” Bruttomesso says. And it meant offering sign-up opportunities throughout the site.

The firm has been delving into the nuances and cohorts, and is providing what it sees as a catalog online.

The results?

Since February, Boston Proper has “more than doubled the performance of their triggered abandonment emails, increasing traffic by 2.8X and tripling its total revenue for the program,” according to a case study offered by BounceX.  In slightly harder terms, the company has added 150,0000 new email subscribers.

Working with BounceX, “We’re able to recognize more of our shoppers onsite and remarket to them in more powerful ways, making all our marketing initiatives and channels much more effective,” states Amy Larson, vice president marketing and ecommerce at Boston Proper.

What’s next? The companies planned to meet at the beginning of this week to talk about it.  

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