Email Tops B2B Channel List For Customers: Study

B2B buyers prefer email over other channel. But email ranks only third among the most effective channels by marketers, according to B2B Digital Experiences Report, a study by Episerver.

Among B2B prospects, 43% prefer to hear about companies via email. And email’s importance is reflected by the fact that 49% of vendor companies plan to invest in email systems. 

When conducting research, email is preferred by 45% in the U.S. and in the UK by 51.%. In addition, 44% of German B2B customers choose email communications, along with 44% in Sweden and 29% in Australia. 

In addition, of the B2B leaders surveyed, 54% want brands to communicate more frequently by email than by other channels. The least-desired option: Phone calls.

Still, marketers list these channels as most effective in reaching customers: 

  • Paid search—21%
  • Website—14% 
  • Email marketing—13% 
  • Paid social media—11% 



At the same time, 48% provide personalized content on their websites and/or via email. 

By 2022, B2B companies plan to invest in: 

  • Web analytics/business intelligence—51%
  • Email marketing system—49%
  • Ecommerce platform—38 
  • AI-based technologies—31% 
  • Web content management system—30%
  • Personalization technologies—24% 
  • Marketing automation—24% 
  • Customer data platform—17%
  • Digital marketing/demand side management software—15%

Episerver surveyed 700 decision makers from the U.S., UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia. They represent enterprise manufacturing, distributing, retail and service providers organizations.





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