Lincoln Sponsors 'Continental Canvas' Mural In Miami

Lincoln hopes to engage consumers in Miami Beach with the installation of a mural, which is being used as a backdrop for its vehicles. 

The installment, conceptualized by Lincoln AOR Hudson Rouge, was timed to coincide with Art Basel, a large international art fair staged annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach and Hong Kong, selling the works of established and emerging artists.

The piece was created in partnership with Dr. Oshin Vartanian and artist Brandon Monroe. 

Vartanian, a “renowned art scientist whose insights are rooted in the science of aesthetics and calmness, refers to curved lines... as most appealing to the human brain when viewers are looking at art,” according to Lincoln. For the first time ever, Dr. Vartanian will be creating the art, not just evaluating it. 



The mural “leverages the design of the iconic Continental Coach Doors as the hero vehicle," complementing Lincoln’s Chroma Crystal Blue color, "to create a sense of revitalization and calmness for the viewer,” according to Lincoln. 

The Continental is highlighted, although the entire Lincoln vehicle lineup is on display.

Visitors can experience augmented reality technology, via Android or iOS phone, to view the mural. The AR experience allows visitors to add color to the white lines in the mural by tapping them, applying different colors to different lines for a multicolored end result. The car remains unaffected by the colors.

Each line/color also corresponds with a unique musical tone, played on phone speakers.

This is not Lincoln’s first foray into art sponsorship. In June, Lincoln partnered with The Atlantic and commissioned an art installation in New York’s Seaport District. 

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