Wix Stats Provide A Glimpse Into 2020 Customer Website Services

Wix, which provides the building blocks to create websites, has released a series of stats providing insight into the types of services companies are building for 2020.

The data, which provides insight into 2020 trending website features, suggests that more sites will have live chat. Trending website features include live chat at 49% and adding a blog at 12%.

“It’s the most telling piece of data,” said Matt Rosenberg, director of PR and communications at Wix. "It means consumers are looking for interaction and conversation." 

The data also suggests that website owners need to listen to their customers. Some 38% of visitors stop engaging on websites with unattractive content and layouts. 19. It's important to include images and videos, since 65% of visual content is recalled by site visitors nearly 3 days after seeing it.

More sites are built after January 1 than before. In fact, 46% more sites were created the week after the New Year compared with the prior week. The most popular day of the year, April 30, and the least popular day, July 4.



Tuesday is the most popular day of the week. Saturday is the least popular day of the week. The most popular time is between noon and 6 p.m., and least popular between 6 p.m. and midnight.

The top five U.S. cities for overall website creation include New York City at No. 1, Los Angeles at No. 2, Miami at No. 3, Houston at No. 4, and Chicago at No. 5.

Hollywood has the most productive weekend, with seven site edits per user. The top five U.S. cities per capita for site creation includes San Jose at No. 1, Dallas at No. 2, Austin at No. 3. Houston at No. 4, and Philadelphia at No. 5.

The 10 fastest cities to publish websites include San Jose, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Miami, and Orlando.

Art & Design, Health & Beauty, Business Services, Home & Garden, and Entertainment are the top five most common sites.  

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