Jackson Hole Tourism Gives Chicago Commuters A 'Lift'

Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism and agency Colle McVoy are narrow-focusing their tourism outreach to lure Chicago travelers to the Wyoming travel destination.

Appearing in two bus shelters, the campaign has transformed the shelters into ski lift-like experiences. Instead of traditional seats, each shelter has a specially designed and crafted ski lift chair. 

The surrounding images on the sides of the sides of the shelters were selected to showcase the beauty of the Grand Teton mountain range and the array of winter activities, such as skiing and snow shoeing.

Chicago was selected for the OOO experience for several reasons, says Kerry Moore, media director, Colle McVoy. For one, as well penetrated OOH market, Chicago is much more willing to bring "unique, out-of-the-box media opportunities to life" than other markets, she explains. 



As far as travel behaviors and booking patterns, Chicago is also well positioned for pitches from Jackson Hole. Based on agency research, the media team learned Chicagoans book travel earlier than most markets, specifically 80 days out versus 65 days. "We took this into consideration and knew we needed to highly inspire them to book vs. procrastinate." 

Also regular media headlines will drive awareness and further leverage the bus depots. As such Jackson Hole anticipates more than two feet of snow in the coming days, ensuring the winter sports conditions will be optimal for weeks to come.




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