Google 2019 Search Data Demonstrates A Need For 'Heroes'

For marketers, Google’s Year in Search data for 2019 highlights the mind-set of consumers, noting new areas of interests that spiked in search traffic during a sustained period of time throughout the year.

This year's list tells a story of a turbulent political climate, solid economy and unexplained events. It also underscores behavior far different from 2018.

People showed an interest in “heroes” -- not only fictional characters, such as superheroes, but real-life heroes, such as moms and dads who tried to become role models and teach their children to prevail, whatever the obstacle.  

Last year’s searches focused on “good” -- good things happening in the world, good things to watch, good singers, good dancers, good kissers, and good role models.

Go back to 2017 and the theme turned toward “we.” Searches showed how the U.S. helped others, helping people in Las Vegas, teaching people to be fearless and stand up for their beliefs, to move beyond hate.



The topics that piqued the interest of people this year might surprise some marketers.

People wanted to know more about unexplained areas of the United States, such as Area 51. They also wanted to know more about VSCO girls, as well as the meaning of momo, boomer and quid pro quo, which might provide insight into the age of the people searching on the topics. 

The TV shows that captivated searchers focused on "Game of Thrones," "Stranger Things," "When They See Us," "Chernobyl," "The Mandalorian," "The Umbrella Academy," "Euphoria," "Dead to Me," "Surviving R. Kelly" and "The Boys."

Places that people searched for include the Maldives, Japan, Bora Bora, Las Vegas, Mexico, Alaska, New Orleans, California, New York and Costa Rica.  

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