Black Friday Followup: Subverticals Did Well

Retailers saw a 58.2% increase in their average daily users during Black Friday weekend. But not all retailers did equally as well, according to a report from Dynamic Yield. 

The Consumer Electronics sector pulled 159.1% higher traffic than usual, with Drug Stores and Pharmacies generating 133.4% more. Home & Furniture enjoyed a 107.9% increase, according to Demand Metric.

Other sub-verticals did well also, including Apparel & Accessories (55.2%), Luxury & Jewelry (86.6%), Athletics & Outdoors (78.7%), Beauty and Personal Care (63.3%) and Apparel & Accessories (55.2%).

But the Automotive field saw a mere 13.2% increase. 

Consumer Electronics also realized a 660% uptick in revenue, and Footwear & Accessories 301.5%. Luxury & Jewelry drove 293.5%. 

But while shoppers worldwide pulled in 23.7%more per item during Black Friday, they bought 6.1% fewer products.

Product recommendations contributed to a 24.6% average order value, compared to purchases by consumers who did not see recommendations.

Dynamic Yield analyzed 1.3 billion page views and 52.4 million add-to-carts in over 25 ecommerce verticals. And it compared the results to the averages for the rest of the year. 

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