U.S. TV Consumers Expect Low Total Streaming Monthly Costs -- $30 Or Less

A large majority of U.S. consumers now only want to spend $30 a month for all their streaming services, according to a new survey.

New research found that 75% of U.S. consumers do not want to spend more than $30 per month on all their streaming services -- which would amount roughly to signing up for around three streaming services at $10 per month each.

The survey was conducted by demand-side advertising platform The Trade Desk and YouGov, a U.K. based Internet-based market research and data analytics firm, who recently surveyed over 2,613 U.S. consumers in late November using a weighted online sample.

Results also suggest that 34% of consumers prefer to watch a free service supported by TV advertising -- or would agree to pay a reduced subscription fee with limited TV commercials, similar to what Hulu runs for its ad-supported on-demand service.

Analysts believe consumers increasingly expect cheaper monthly streaming subscription fees due to new high-profile premium OTT services that have launched with lower-than-expected monthly pricing.



This includes, for example, Disney+ at $6.99 a month and Apple TV+ at $4.99, which both launched in early November. By way of comparison, Netflix’s most popular service is price at $12.99.

Other established modestly priced OTT services -- those with limited-advertising -- include CBS All Access (live TV and on-demand programming) at $5.99 a month; ESPN+ (live programming) at $4.99 a month; and Hulu, (on-demand programming) at $5.99 a month.

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