Yahoo Mail And AOL Down In UK, Verizon Working On Fix

Yahoo Mail and AOL suffered outages in the UK on Wednesday, with 871 complaints coming in -- 68% for log-in issues, 18% for website problems and 12% for an inability to read mail, according to downdetector UK

In addition, downdetector in the U.S. reports problems that began on Tuesday, with complaints peaking at 3 p.m. EST. The downdetector map shows that those issues affected the UK and the Northeastern U.S. 

Yahoo Mail owner Verizon Media has acknowledged the UK outages, blaming them on an ISP. 

"We received notifications that some UK users were having problems logging into some services this morning,” the company says, according to INews. 

"On investigation, it seems that login issues for any UK Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail customers were limited to a particular ISP, and not related to any technical issues on our side. We have reached out to the ISP to inform them and are monitoring for updates as to when it will be resolved."



One UK user writes: “Back at last! Only took several hours to fix!” 

Of the complaints received by downdetector in the U.S., 50% were for log-in troubles, 29% for inability to read mail and 20% for receiving and sending email. 

Downdetector in the U.S. received comments such as these: 

"can't even get onto yahoo it keeps saying unsupported protocol."

"Can read the emails I get today but all other emails just have blue lines where any words would be on other dates of emails. Can not click on settings, pictures or choose from any other email sent, drafted etc."   

"I thought it unusual I haven't been receiving any email for couple of days"


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