Wego Partners With WebEngage On Contextual Messaging

Wego, an online travel marketplace serving the Middle East and North Africa, is partnering with WebEngage to drive engagement and retention with its mobile app.

The arrangement allows Wego to deliver hyper-personalized, contextual messages via email, in-app messages and mobile push notifications.

WebEngage features such as the Journey Designer will allow Wego to create lifecycle marketing campaigns to serve customers throughout their buying journey, the firm says.

WebEngage will help Wego assimilate millions of data points in one place and achieve a unified view of its customers, the company says. Brands can create rolling segments based on online behavior, buying intent, and past purchases, the firm says.

Wego’s success to date is based on the brand’s “intense focus on customer-centricity and delivering a unique, valuable experience to each user at scale,” states WebEngage CEO Avlesh Singh.



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