Few SMBs Are Fully Compliant With GDPR: UK DMA

Most small to medium-sized businesses in the UK know what they need to do to comply with GDPR. But few are compliant.

A study by the UK Data & Marketing Association (DMA) shows that 68% claim a moderate-to-good understanding of GDPR, according to ResearchLive. In addition, 74% rated their company’s knowledge of GDPR as high.

However, a mere 10% of SMBs say they are fully compliant and 25% are only in the early stages. And 65% are only halfway or three-quarters of the way there.

In addition, 38% "appear to believe that the GDPR does not apply to customer data they may acquire and process," states Tim Bond, head of insight for the DMA, ResearchLive reports.

Bond notes that while most of the industry is aware of GDPR, “there is a concern about knowledge gaps and training made available in medium-sized businesses.

GDPR took effect in May 2018. 

The study is based on a survey of 293 marketing executives at SMBs, conducted with Zynics.

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