Volta Charges Up Pro Bono Initiative

Volta is introducing the “Community Giveback” initiative to donate 10% of the company’s digital OOH ad space to non-profits with eco-focused missions. The San-Francisco-based Volta provides free charging to electric vehicle (EV) drivers by selling digital ad space on the charger screens. Clients include Whole Foods, Netflix, and Jaguar. 

The project launches with two recipients. Surfrider Foundation will receive $216,00 in equivalent value to have its mission broadcast across 270 Southern California stations projected to receive 94 million impressions. 

The second nonprofit, Save The Bay, is getting $112,000 in free ad space to place messages on 130 North California stations to garner 49 million impressions. 

The impressions and ad values are commensurate with the number of charging screens the ads are on, and Volta currently has more charging stations in Southern California  (270) than in the northern region of the state. 130).   



The recipients are responsible for designing creative. 

Following Surfrider and Save the Bay’s four-week ad displays, Volta plans to expand the program to additional communities across the U.S. The non-profits will be selected by Volta’s internal team based on their missions and social/environmental impact as well as their proximity to Volta stations. 

This initiative originated as a corporate social responsibility idea rooted in the fact the company seeks to empower “eco-consciousness” among residents. Leaders felt donating part of its ad space instead of selling it to corporations would help amplify its messaging while also supporting worthy organizations. 


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