Drift Rebrands Its Email Marketing Tool As Drift Email

Drift has rebranded Drift | Siftrock, its email management tool, as Drift Email.

Drift acquired Siftrock in 2018.

Drift Email sorts through responses in a marketing inbox, sorts human replies from automated ones and routing those replies, the company says.

The product also improves conversion rates from email marketing campaigns, it says.

In addition, Drift’s machine-learning algorithm sorts through unsubscribe requests and automated replies, while  processing out-of-office replies, job changes and phone numbers.

One client, PayScale, has seen $109,000 in first-touch revenue, leading to a 15X first-year direct ROI by using Drift Email, states Nichole Marsano, Director of Demand Generation, according to a Drift blog post.

In addition, PayScale has enriched 5,000 contacts with new job titles and routed 2,000 lost replies for prospect and customer engagement. Also, it has discovered 6,500 on target accounts.

Marsano adds that PayScale has saved more than eight hours of manual work for its ops team. 



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