National Geographic Society Launches Fund For Journalists Covering COVID-19

In a crisis, public-service journalism keeps readers informed and connected.

To further that end, the National Geographic Society has created an emergency fund for reporters worldwide covering the pandemic. A key focus is delivering hyper-local news to underserved areas lacking critical information.

The company stated the fund will “distribute support ranging from $1,000–8,000 USD for local coverage of the preparation, response, and impact of this global pandemic as seen through evidence-based reporting. Beyond reporting on medical and physical health related to COVID-19, we especially encourage reporting that covers social, emotional, economic and equity issues.

“Narratives around the pandemic necessarily include facts and numbers, but ultimately, must also go deeper — telling the stories of inequities that COVID-19 has brought to light.”



Writers, photographers, videographers, audio journalists, cartographers, filmmakers and data visualization experts can apply for the fund. 

All aspects of coverage are encouraged, including local response lessons that could relate to other global situations, such as climate change or the refugee crisis. Also, how educators and students in poorly funded, high-risk schools are coping.

Fact-based reporting depends on utilizing reliable sources. Four are recommended as resources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins Map of COVID-19 Cases and the COVID-19 AP Style Guide.

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